Automated Face detection at warehouse distribution capacity

Client is a popular company delivering a wide range of products to various locations. Client offers personalized services to various industry owners such as household appliances manufacturers, consumer electronic goods manufacturers and more. Client is providing their end users with

Case Study Maintenance of Energy Consumption with AI enabled software

Customer is an owner of a renowned hotel group in Maharashtra, India. Given a higher concern to comply with the standards to maintain robust energy consumption, it is mandatory for every industry to follow the guidelines to reduce energy wastes

case study: Failure to Optimizing appropriate space in warehouse

Client – Construction Raw material supplier Challenge – Optimizing appropriate space in warehouse Solution- SynergyLabs AI powered solutions Overview Businesses have long faced hurdles while optimizing the space in the warehouse. Reason may be an inaccurate floor design plan. Our

Case Study: How an owner of a warehouse management improved their operations using Predictive Analytics

Customer is a renowned apparel retail manufacturer working with more than 40 manufacturing facilities around the territory of Alabama. Customer has been proactive to analyze opportunities for its operation and want to tap into potential from their new business ventures.

Case Study: Women’s garment brand uses ML and AI to improve their retail marketing campaigns

Customer deals in women’s garment in India. It has a wide customer base right across the local market. But, they are now planning to move forward with operations in multiple locations.  Hence, they want a robust plan to improve their

Case Study: Enhancing transit of information in procurement services with Artificial Intelligence

Customer runs beverage manufacturing operations in the Northern part of Norway. The business has experienced good growth over the last five years and it has been since going strong and running a successful business at the local level. With more

case study : predicting wear and damage in the logistics to reduce costs

A popular furniture and home furnishing manufacturer in Japan collaborates with multiple distributors for product sales. Right across the local territory, the products of home furnishing and furniture have garnered a huge popularity among the customers, building a trusted partnership

case study: Optimizing inventory replenishment with AI based models

Customer is a popular candy maker that supplies its products to different retail stores across the city of Brisbane. Customer has to work all through the day when the festival arrives, especially during Christmas, New Year and not to mention

case study: supply chain reduces inventory activity With SynergyLabs AI solutions

Customer manufactures containers in Wisconsin. It is a huge all day work that requires precision and caliber to run the operation smoothly without finding any barriers. They also know different traits of improving customer experience. Being in the operation more

Use cases- How AI is transforming the Supply Chain Operations

The unprecedented volume of data and AI are the biggest use case to improve the operational efficiency in Logistics. The industry is dependent on many moving parts that can create operation jolt in the supply chain. However, the application of

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