SYNERGYLABS is a specialized Artificial Intelligence solution provider focusing on predictive analytics, natural language processing and computer vision. We have delivered custom made machine learning solutions tailored to business needs and requirements in various industries including travel, retail, legal and healthcare. Put our services to the test, contact us for a free consultation today. Our team of AI researchers and developers deliver innovative, efficient and scalable solutions to various industries globally.


STRATEGY PLANNING – Detailed strategies tailored for each client and their business goal.

DATA CONSULTING – Consult with us for solutions, predictions, diagnosis, descriptive analytics and prescriptive analytics.

COLLABORATION– Design, implement, integrate.

Retail hotspot and analytics using camera feed and deep learning.

Attendance, Surveillance and monitoring. Enhancements with pose and micro expression and demographics.

Store more videos in less space and much more.

Theft., fraud, vandalism or accidental – detect, capture, prevent. 


The computer vision, machine learning and deep learning systems that we implement are proactively aligned with the latest industry requirements. We serve small, medium and large cap businesses across the globe with our algorithms, man-power and design.

Built for seamless scaling for enterprises and public services
Faster delivery of curated AI solutions matching exact requirement of its customers
Best in class & affordable products with high level of accuracy, comparable with global competitors
Periodic & regular updates add more intuitive features and further improve model accuracy, proactively
Smart API/SDK integration with existing applications
Available in both Cloud
as well as on Appliance making it easy for customers make a choice



Next generation Automatic Number Plate Recognition System using deep learning and Artificial Intelligence with LSTM for better accuracy.


Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier is a high-speed traffic data collection system. It detects, counts and classifies all traffic passing where it is installed without interruption to traffic flows.


Video Incident Detection System is based on deep neural networks with the ability to fast incident detection, verification and resolution and providing a highly accurate and robust system to capture diverse type of incident.


Red Light Violation Detection System is an intelligent and powerful video based  “Red Light Violation Detection System”. Automatically detects and capture the vehicle crossing a defined zone while the traffic light is red.


We have developed our Facial Recognition System that not only matches faces but also tracks individuals in their environment.
"We are in a race that we need to win. It’s a race between the growing power of the technology and the growing wisdom we need to manage it. ”
American-Swedish physicist