Who We Are?


SYNERGYLABS is a specialized Artificial Intelligence solution provider focusing on predictive analytics, natural language processing and computer vision. We have developed a reputation as a reliable AI solutions partner who delivers exactly as per our customers requirements.

Synergylabs has delivered custom made machine learning solutions tailored to business needs and requirements in various industries, systematically designed applying MIT’s approach to design thinking in order to deliver a scalable product that exceeds customer expectations

Our team of 20+ AI researchers and developers use the latest technologies, frameworks & hi-tech methodologies to offer impeccable and quality services globally.


We help our clients worldwide deliver their vision to their numerous customers effortlessly. Our services & solutions are designed for large-scale businesses as well as start-ups.

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Sectors we have been working in so far

  •  BFSI (Banking, Finance and Insurance)
  •  Logistics 
  •  Retail
  •  Hospitality
  •  Telecom


Extraordinary Experiences

Driven by a need for increased efficiencies and reduced costs, our AI research dominates in Machine Learning and Deep Learning for progress and profit.

The Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Systems that we implement are proactively aligned with the latest industry requirements. We serve small, medium and large cap businesses across the globe with our algorithms, man-power and design. We envision and develop the next generation of intelligent systems.Our experts focus on understanding challenges well aware of opportunities and
are driven to solve for you.

Our Core Values

We are living in the midst of 4th industrial revolution that has been brought upon us due to digitization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to transform functioning of industries entirely, which means it’s crucial that AI reflects a diverse range of human perspectives and needs.

Right implementation of AI by industries is going to enable them to achieve high levels of growth rate and higher levels of efficiency which is imperative for companies to remain globally competitive. That is why it is our mission to create a large pool of skillful and successful AI scientists that are going play a pivotal role in shaping the future of industries.

Sushil Kumar

CHIEF INNOVATION OFFICER Co-Founder, CIO Ex-VP (Technology) Goldman Sachs IIT Delhi Alumnus

sushil 1

Rahul Leekha

CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Co-Founder, CEO Lancaster University UK Alumnus


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