Automatic Number Plate Recognition deployed in a world class office and retail space


Customer is a leading world class office and retail space in a prime location sprawled over 2.76 Acre used by giants like AMD Overseas Private Limited, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd, Axis Bank, P&G Groups, Aye Finance Pvt. Ltd. etc.



As with most office and retail spaces, institutions and car parks, the ongoing car park  entry registration process for visitors,  staff or students  entering  the premises  involves  a security  guard  having  to  confirm  membership  details  by checking  for  membership  sticker  on the  windscreen  of  the vehicle  or  by  checking  the  driver’s  identification  card.  This process of writing is tedious and time consuming and is prone to inaccurate recordings, furthermore the backup and sharing of this vehicle information is difficult because the data is hard copy.  

The Customer wanted to adopt a system to aid  in vehicle identification  and  vehicle  registration to  address  the  current  challenges  in  vehicle registration and surveillance. 

The goal of the project was to implement an automated process to simplify time consuming tasks and reduce registration time in addition to other benefits.



Synergylabs divided the ANPR process into two main stages to enable:

• Vehicle image acquisition – Vehicle arrives at the entrance/gate with aim to gain entrance.

• Number Plate Detection.



• Capturing of vehicle number plate images. 

• Preprocessing the number plates from the captured images by  using a character  recognition tool.

• Number plate detection using neural networks.



Our Automatic  Number  Plate  Recognition  (ANPR) solution was able to detect all number plates successfully and the Customer received a solution for real time recognition of a  vehicle’s  number plate faster retrieval of vehicle information.

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