How Is Artificial Intelligence Reimagining Your Business Processes? Unravel Four Novel Use Cases of AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence is adding value to the business for a long time now. AI applications such as automation, data analytics, and natural language processing have already brought a drastic overhaul to business by streamlining the work process and improving efficiency.

Unthinkable Artificial Intelligence Use Cases In Business Services

AI is no longer a secretive technology to garner exciting and amazing business benefits. It is ubiquitous even in the most neglected activity such as those mails that automatically make it to the spam folder. Also, let’s not forget those

WhyAI Could Be The Next Frontier For The Public Sector? Explore Four Comprehensive AI Use Cases for Government Projects.

We have several emerging technologies such as blockchain, big data, cloud computing, and not to mention- Artificial Intelligence. Owing to AI, it seems to disrupt every business with its unprecedented capabilities and thus capturing a large chunk of the organization’s

Surveillance: More Than a Physical Security Component and Its Smart Use Cases in Public Sector

When they are surveillances, we know how important these devices are that make lives and public places safer while securing the real-world assets. The trust for surveillance is so deep-rooted that we are more than eager to implement these technologies

Compelling Use Cases of AI That Government Should Nurture

We can consider Artificial Intelligence as cognitive intelligence as it can mimic human intelligence and perform tasks without human interventions. And the task enablement takes place with cues from machine learning that changes and improves its actions by learning patterns.

AI Use Case In The Public Sector

Data is abundant, but the challenge for the government is how and where to implement Artificial Intelligence capabilities to make an immediate impact. Although AI in the public sector is in its infancy stage, the widespread application of this machine

The Most Intrinsic AI Applications in the Public Sector

Is AI anything new? No, it is not. It has long been there. But, today the scopes of AI have changed over the years. Thanks to the abundance of data and advances in algorithm coding. However, unlike the private sector,

Mall Management Services

Shopping malls must provide their retailers with a comfortable environment to rent their space and for customers to visit them. It is no easy task for them to streamline everyday visitors because of the complex layout of the mall and

7 unique use cases of Audio video data mining

When it comes to video and audio data mining, it is relevant to uncover the real meaning of data mining. First, we should mention that the term is associated with machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Data mining is a

TOP 5 Significant Use Cases of Agent Based Modeling Simulation

Every human behavior is based upon decisions that prompt ecological populations to decide various activities. The decision involves what to eat, when to eat, where to move, and whether to travel or not.   Well, every individual being follows certain rules

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