How SYNERGYLABS Helped the Automobile Manufacturer Build a Safe Driving Experience

Overview  With a vision to infuse enhanced self-driving capabilities into its automobiles, our client wanted to prevent front-end collisions en route to its locations and bring efficiency to its manufacturing portfolio. Utilizing SYNERGYLABS’ designed computer-vision-based advanced driver assistance system or

SynergyLabs Built Performance and Functionalities into Android-Based Infotainment System for a mobility solution company

Overview  Realizing the need for transformation of the under-the-hood cockpit applications in today’s vehicles, this Wales-based mobility solutions provider emphasized employing advanced in-vehicle infotainment features to build customer interest and increase sales. As SynergyLabs stepped in to build better connectivity,

Case Study : How SynergyLabs Helped a University to Rapidly Introduce Effective AI-based eLearning Solutions

An AICTE approved Institute of Engineering Science and Technology in India found its traditional learning system to fall behind the grip of the COVID-19. The sudden containment strategies – month-long lockdowns affected its usual operations of learning. To ensure continuity

Case Study : SynergyLabs Track and Trace System Gave a Biking Parts Manufacturing Company All-Time High Sales

An unsophisticated ERP system limits growth and impacts customer relationships.   A snapshot of advantages   Cost-savings in inventory maintenance Easy on-site management of manufacturing traceability dashboard  Improved client and customer communication Reduction of excessive manual data entry  Overview  Since its inception

Case Study : An Australian Window Furnishing Manufacturer drove excellent growth with a sophisticated data-driven ERP platform by SynergyLabs

Overview  For over a decade, the window furnishing manufacturer in Australia has been supplying the high standard customer service with its widest range of window awnings, blinds, and other home-furnishing products. Their eco-friendly approach to manufacture market leading products with

Case Study : How an Indian University utilized survey assessment tool designed by SynergyLabs to provide an engaged learning experience

Overview  The pandemic had a premium Indian Science and Information Technology University grappling with procrastination, which resulted in mismanagement of its core learning competencies after it moved to eLearning infrastructure, impacting learning experience for students and faculty. SynergyLabs-built 360 assessment

Case Study : How Indian Automobile Manufacturer Streamlined Their fleet Management Operations & Doubled Buyer Confidence

Overview  An Indian Automobile manufacturer having several hundred dealerships under its belt including multiple distribution centers was keen to enable the fulfillment of inventories using their own self-distribution services. Not fully satisfied with third-party logistics services over years, they wanted

Artificial Intelligence To The Rescue Of Coronavirus Epidemic

Since the first outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China, the strain is stronger than ever now changing its mechanisms by the day and even by the hours. It is deadlier than seasonal influenza or what we know about SARS

Find Four Business Use Cases To Know Why AI Technology Is So Attractive

We have now got beyond the phase of AI development. It is now time for building strategies to implement this unique and smart tool to achieve unprecedented accomplishments. Although this advanced technology is everywhere, we are more than unwilling to

How Is Artificial Intelligence Reimagining Your Business Processes? Unravel Four Novel Use Cases of AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence is adding value to the business for a long time now. AI applications such as automation, data analytics, and natural language processing have already brought a drastic overhaul to business by streamlining the work process and improving efficiency.

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