Customer possesses a large logistics facility spanning over a large area in the Southern Ontario. Beginning with a small facility in that location, it has expanded its logistics chain to a multi billionaire operation with a large number of staff working day and night to accomplish the fast paced logistics activities.


Customer has to ensure its logistics are moving all round the clock only to dispatch the products at the right time to customers. But, being hit by unfavorable weather situations or unpredicted incidents on the road in the past, their logistics services had suffered quite a few times. More often, their operations were hit by increased traffic snarls. This resulted in a drop in customer service and reduced customer experiences. Many of their collaborators expressed dissatisfaction over their inability to improve customer experience.

Customer wanted a solution to improve their logistics services and keep pace with the demand flow of the customers. They expressed their desires to implement AI to track shipment so that they could take steps prior to occurrence of any unfavorable incidents.


It is central to going for fully digitized supply chain operations if businesses want to deliver more shipments to their target customers. Based on this plan, we developed a program that can increase the rate of predictability for the logistics to improved service delivery.

As we moved forward with the strategy, we integrated AI and ML to track the movement of the shipment from its collection point to the delivery point. Our program is capable of offering real-time data regarding the vehicle movement on the track and upon completion of the tasks; it sends back status reports about the action.

·         our system allows them to work on the following scenarios:

·         time taken by vehicle during departure and delivery

·         off route turn during transit on a planned route

·         Shipment based on geolocation

Leveraging the route data, it was easy for the customer to track every path concerned during the transit. Highly accessible on the platforms such as smartphones and data system due to its Bluetooth enabled technology, customer could have real-time reporting about its logistics cargo or shipment vehicles at a cost-effective manner. Our platform gave the customer a better opportunity to digitally transform their logistics and facilitate better accomplishment of the product shipment.

Besides, using the historical data from previous route covered by the vehicles, our AI enabled platform could suggest a recommended route to the logistics management staff to avoid situations likely to impact their delivery services.

At the same time, built-in sensors in the architecture helped monitor weather conditions to predict any unfavorable weather situations and prevent being trapped in the condition during transit.


Customer was satisfied with the way our AI powered tool tracked the route for logistics shipment.  Our tool helped them facilitate product delivery at the right time and reduce customer grievances at an unprecedented manner. Upon deployment of Artificial Intelligence embedded tool, they were able to increase the rate of product delivery and improve customer experiences.