For over a decade, the window furnishing manufacturer in Australia has been supplying the high standard customer service with its widest range of window awnings, blinds, and other home-furnishing products. Their eco-friendly approach to manufacture market leading products with sole focus on the design variation and product innovation has brought them to a whopping number of client base. With loyal customers growing at scale, they realized their low-cost ERP lacked innovation in providing flexibility. They chose SynergyLabs designed modern and automated ERP solutions for an extra layer of visibility and innovation into their production. 

The Challenge 

While still a startup, the customer utilized an on-premise ERP solution to monitor the manufacturing processes across its different units and also relied upon it to manage finances and inventories.

“When we began doubling our sales year-over-year, we realized our existing production planning tool didn’t adapt to the evolving needs of our core business. We knew that the system wasn’t anymore efficient to keep track of inventories and workflows that could offer visibility into the record of finances of goods sold,” said the Corporate Controller at the company. 

Lack of visibility lowered their efficiency 

As they grew from a startup to an enterprise window furnishing manufacturer just in a decade, the overwhelming customer database couldn’t scale with the existing ERP solution, while the customer also struggled with the basic finance management due to lack of proper visibility into their different distribution processes in Australia. 

As they outgrow the platform, they had other challenges facing their way for outdated user interface in the front end and the backend eventually crashed that needed an upgrade.  Soon, the company felt that the rapid growth increased their responsibilities into managing complexities and granularity for transparent operation processes, which failed as they continued doing their finances using spreadsheet Excel. Real-time reporting was missing from their operations, and it was a regular task for them to prepare a new one as the ERP didn’t include any dashboard. It took them a lot of time to create an analytics report and know how manufacturing work was progressing. 

Absence of customizability 

The window furnishing manufacturing owner didn’t get enough data from their existing Enterprise Resource Planning solution. But, they needed a system that could help them with data analysis and customization to understand customer persona into a new territory. 

Although they looked for several ERP solutions out on the market, they weren’t comprehensive, data-enabled, customizable, and also economic. 

They wanted a modern and sophisticated tool that could allow them to leverage customizability, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly third-party integrations. 

The Solution

The company preferred high-performing and affordable modern ERP solutions from SynergyLabs. By implementing our solutions, the company had ease of use when it came to adding as many users as they wanted to.  It didn’t ask for any additional user license even though they outgrew their existing customer base. It helped them with data-driven decision-making and also increased sales to new customer base. 

Flexible and scalable 

The company is highly focused on enhancing long-term business perspective, so the enterprise resource planning solution we built for them gave excellent flexibility and scalability for being an open-source platform.  

With a huge customer segment working under their profile, they wanted to segment their customers by profile, type, and demographic that could help them with providing custom services. Our open-source modern ERP platform has been flexible to track customer preferences and choices using tags. 

“The ability to integrate with third-party partners was an amazing side to SynergyLabs ERP solutions. With a growing customer, we were able to optimize customer service based on their choices, and thus helping us evolve with the present market demands,” said the Chief Financial Officer at the business.  

Ease of inventory management 

With the flexible integration with third-party applications, we allowed them to have complete insight into how their inventories are doing. It was an added advantage they didn’t have with their existing system, enabling them to know the inventories in stocks and keep their production full to avoid customer churn. 

Real-time data with automated customized dashboard

SynergyLabs helped the owner of window furnishing and accessories build an automated customized dashboard to derive real-time data across all its distribution systems, improving visibility into its daily processes of orders received and eliminating manual labor on financial reports. The ease of use and role-based access permission saved business executives time and they could easily focus on a greater perspective of the growth strategy. At the same time, data at hands allowed them to keep track of how operations are coming up, and make better financial decisions. 

The company benefitted largely from our ERP solutions through its cost-efficiency, high-performance, and data-driven strategic decision, which was helpful in driving rapid growth for them. 

Technology used 

Ext JS, HTML, Java, Springboot, MySQL, Postgres, Socket programming with netty and Tensor Flow, python.