Customer runs beverage manufacturing operations in the Northern part of Norway. The business has experienced good growth over the last five years and it has been since going strong and running a successful business at the local level. With more than fifteen distributors under its belt, customers want to improve delivery services while planning to expand its manufacturing business in the future.


For any manufacturing industry, procurement management appears tougher, hence creating blockage to the visibility of the operations. Due to poor infrastructure of the procurement management, which did not involve any interface to make conversation happen between co-workers. Triggered by this issue, staff needs to contact help-desk or inquiry department to get information about the procurement.

Customer had to face a similar challenge at his logistics facility while receiving appropriate information about the procurement. The problem is that it takes a long time for the help desk to fetch the information at the right time. During fetching the information, the help desk had to cut through different departments. And in between fetching the procurement information, it prolonged waiting time. It cost the customer important time which could be likely used for more resourceful activity in the facility. As a result, it led to confusion across different departments and sometimes communication silos. Besides, as employees had to wait for the procurement information, it lowered the productivity of the employees. Overall, the process of fetching information about procurement, it took the facility to alert multiple roles involved in the process from Purchase orders to sales. Realizing the lack of proper infrastructure of procurement, customers faced stringent issues regarding delivering accurate information to its concerned department about payment terms, outstanding balance and contact details. Customer also had no 24/7 customer support service for its customers for enhanced user experience.


SynergyLabs suggested customers for leveraging conversational interface such as AI powered Chatbot to enable text interface among its employees and suppliers. Our product is highly secure and flexible to be adapted to the existing ERP system of the business and offers real-time information about procurement queries. As soon as queries are generated, conversational chatbot can easily offer information for a wide range of queries. They involve information about order status, delivery status, stock prices, supplier status, availability of stocks and contact details. As need arises, chatbot alerts the users to take appropriate actions regarding approval of purchase orders and sales contracts.

With integrated security features and proper authentication, chatbot interface does not allow leak of important information among the users. Therefore, it closely watches the importance of personal data safety. Before sending personal data  across the channel, it verifies users using OTP. Built with natural language processing and machine learning, procurement management chatbot can solve problems easily. And when it is unable to solve that query, it immediately sends notifications to a human agent.


Customers are now able to reduce work hours lost after the procurement management information process and reduce time spent after repetitive tasks. Leveraging chatbot conversational interface, customers improved the rate of efficiency in generating key information regarding shipment status, purchase order status, scheduled delivery status and many. Overall, procurement management conversational interface or chatbot helps increase operational efficiency.

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