For over 15 years, a renowned name in the realm of tour and travels has been sending globetrotters on successful trips. They are popular among customers for offering customized tour itinerary and comfortable stays at luxury hotels at affordable rates. They have a steady growth rate over the years. They want their marketing and sales team to be agile in terms of customer query resolution and customer behavior prediction.


With technology taking over every industry, customers today want more on demand personalized services on time.  Failing to meet that standard, business loses customer trust and good prospects.

For sales and marketing team, generating leads involves an investment of time and resources to reach the business goal.  However, irrespective of the size of the business, it is not easy to turn leads into prospective sales for the marketing teams.

With time, our client had the same kind of issues with leads and converting them into a potential business. Despite going for social media campaign and exercising other marketing efforts, they did not achieve goals from their sales and marketing team what they had thought about it. They were looking for ways to turn more leads into prospective conversions and build a long-term relationship with B2B and B2C clients.


AI enabled forecasting and sales assistant were two tools we suggested them to implement. The sales representatives at the business collaborated with the virtual team members. This association with sales was aimed at generating leads by improving customer response time. The core responsibility of the AI powered sales assistant is to use human like intelligence to engage in an active conversation in two ways mail communication with the clients on behalf of the sales representatives. This engaging conversation happens automatically and users’ engagement does not get impacted due to poor response error.

Hence, this solution helped our client engage their sales team to working on closing the deals, while the virtual sales assistants have been busy following up with the programs and generating leads.

Another tool AI powered forecasting helped them design a pipeline on prospective clients for each sales quarter. Our cognitive AI sales forecasting helped the sales team predict an accurate number of revenue to be generated in the future. Using this technology, they were able to manage their inventory and resources better.


SynergyLabs was successful to help this tour and travel company to better gauge the sales forecasts. The ability to see the future sales trends, they were more concentrated to work on the weak areas and improve their service. Upon implementation of two of the tools, they increased their ROI by 20 times while increasing prospective leads by 16-28%. 

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