The pandemic had a premium Indian Science and Information Technology University grappling with procrastination, which resulted in mismanagement of its core learning competencies after it moved to eLearning infrastructure, impacting learning experience for students and faculty. SynergyLabs-built 360 assessment or survey solution gave the university a unique advantage to improve performance and enhanced connected learning experience. 

The Challenges 

The communication consultant at the University was determined to enable a connected and engaged learning system which is free of every obligation and encourages continuous learning. 

“Day-to-day learning management is challenging for us since we are unable to provide a solution to be in alignment with every student requirement”, said the communication consultant at the University. 

We at SynergyLabs explored the various techniques the top leaders or management leveraged to uncover how their faculty members were enabling teaching and learning in the most efficient manner. Until they were forced to move their entire education system to virtual platforms or eLearning, our team lead found that in-person surveys, workshops, and focus groups were effective mediums to gather student feedback. An in-depth assessment was built over the feedback collected through these mediums to gauge how students were seeing new assignments or were these assignments beneficial enough to nurture their skills?

But for remote students and faculty, a lot of upheaval was brought forward by the challenges to adjust to the new norm of remote culture to support the continuity of learning. The faculty struggled with providing effective teaching while students were having a lot of issues to blend with elearning from their home settings. 

Although an embedded collaboration and communication system gave them an immediate solution to gather feedback, the human experience was missing that in-person meetings could easily provide. Their surveys needed a more engaging approach to boost assessment and bring accuracy in decision-making. 

The Solution 

We at SynergyLabs decided on their problems and after a few rounds of discussion with our development team, we proposed to build a student review and performance analytics tool to provide a 360 degree view into student requirements.  

“We are more quick with surveys. The assessment tool SynergyLabs built works magnificently to help us gather feedback and implement processes which can be useful for everyone,”  narrated the principal of the University. 

We built a process to focus on key improvement styles that in-person surveys follow. Our survey or assessment solution was fast to blend with the existing unified collaboration and communication tools. This enhanced capacity provides flexibility to build conversational surveys such as poll-based surveys,  in-the-moment-surveys and pre-surveys to engage students and staff more interactively and uncover new insights into their requirements. 

Our carefully designed 360 assessment status suite delivered excellent student experience, which previously missed a feature to enable sharable surveys. With flexibility to embed into the existing student management system to allow for email submission or other mode of communication, keeping track of responders over a certain period became quite smooth. 

With built-in contact import, students were invited with ease to help build the student contact center. The university was also pleased with the real-time feedback capacity of the survey tool, enabling them to connect and notify students for faster response submission and also close the loop on time. The ability to pull reports from the dashboard and share among university top leaders allowed them to work through real-time scores to determine areas of improvements in course management and processes for teaching. 

The advanced analytics of survey reports has been beneficial for the university to provide the best practices for learning and teaching and above all to deliver a connected student experience. 

Technology Used 

Ext JS, HTML, Java, Spring Boot, MySQL, Postgres, Socket programming with Netty and Tensor Flow, Python.