The customer runs a chain of shopping malls in eastern Finland. His portfolio features more than five malls across the country, and he is keener to spread his operation beyond the local territory. Amid the massive digitalization, shopping malls need to adapt to the trends. Customer finds coping with the growing demands of leveraging technology is a key to generating immersive and positive experience for the customers. By enabling this key feature, the owner of the malls believes the digitalization will help them future proof their malls and enhance the mall offerings towards the customers and retail owner. This is aimed at improving the traffic of the malls and generating better revenue to open another


As the customer was more determined to offer an immersive shopping experience to its customers, security concerns were still a big thing growing at an alarming rate for them. It impacted their business. Most of the time, it was noticed that due to large public affairs during peak seasons, the mall was susceptible to certain security threats. Some of the security vulnerabilities that were too concerning for the mall owner were theft, altercations between the patrons, car-related crimes in the parking lot, and not to mention missing of the children.

The traditional security frameworks in combination with only CCTV cameras or system integrators were too slow to act on time and bring out real solutions to the problems. The conventional security system was simply bleak for the mall owner.

To avoid this situation, the mall owner turned to us for better solutions to these growing problems. 


Our team visited the site and inspected it all through to find out what could work better for the large space and improve cost-savings to carry out the security management.

SynergyLabs team observed every port of the mall and we determined that their existing system integrators were unable to comply with the IP-based systems. So, the analog system required to be changed that prevented integration with the IP-based technology and managed every device and data properly.

Well, implementing just the system is not going to work anymore. As a system integrator and installer, we realized the importance of education about the new system. One of the most important necessities was to educate the end-users or the mall owner about the use of the system. However, our key challenge was to place the new AI-based IP-surveillance in the aesthetically designed mall premises.

How We Did It

It was really difficult for us to transit the analog system to the digital system, since offering an easy-to-use frontend device was a challenge for us. Hence, the only trick that worked for us was using end-to-end manufactured systems than can feature every tool ranging from the IP-based cameras to transmitting the systems to the enterprise software. However, the best solutions can be achieved through specialized integration with AI-based IP cameras to cater to many changing and varied threat possibilities in the mall premises.

In addition to this, integrating the facial recognition feature to the cameras was another hurdle for us since the system integrators found it difficult teaching their installers about the working specifications of the tools. On this ground, we preferred giving training about the system knowledge and spread awareness of relevant technologies for the users and his team.

For us, building a true and an ideal security infrastructure for the mall was to integrate AI-based video surveillance systems with the access control system as the first step of the project. After this crucial decision, we surveyed the site of the shopping mall. We had the entire site design that included site walks and architectural drawing, central to creating an effective safe environment for every person at the mall, even the security personnel and staff.

We made sure to install high-quality cameras to enable a good video or image stream to the central data system. Data received through the central data management       can interact with all the information and enables faster data parsing in real-time. In addition to this, facial recognition systems are programmed to send alerts upon detection of a black-listed item on the premises or the outside.

Our entire technology infrastructure was built around the control room operation to enable security personnel to take action immediately based on the information they receive. This is important where human intervention is needed at the time of human life is at risk. With AI supplying the information about such incidents to the security men, they can use their intuitive intelligence to act immediately where they need to make a call.

In addition to this, we were also intended to improve the visitor experience to a positive one as soon as they arrive at the venue. To do it, we used our Automatic License Plate recognition technology that works in sync with the AI-based IP cameras and streams all information to the central data system. Talking of ANPR, it is ideal technology to streamline the traffic woes while customizing parking services for the visitors.

With these two key technologies being implemented on the shopping mall premises, the shopping mall owner was able to maintain shopping and entertainment experiences for the visitors while ensuring enhanced security for everyone.


As is the case with AI, it can detect everything at the premises starting from a shoe, a package, even a shoplifter, or even an altercation between groups of people. Our machine is powerful to extract information from all sources and the cameras. The centralized system is programmed with inputs to provide updates about the circumstances and notify the security providers.

For say, any case that involves a bag being left unattended or a place that has fire breaking out and even those people entering the unauthorized territory. AI-integrated systems can detect every possible incident and even circumstance to send a high alert to improve security.  So, with our systems monitoring every activity or detecting problems via camera, our customers could engage more in other intense situations.

AI solutions have made SynergyLabs a supreme AI consultant to amplify and balance the security priorities at the customer’s mall.

Using our system, the customer was successful in reducing unrecognizable and critical events such as people falling to skateboards or bikes, and prevented them from going to the unauthorized area. Not only that, it reduced anti-social behavior and many others.

Apart from bolstering the security at the premise, our AI-based system reduced the case of shoplifting by 2% as compared to the previous theft cases lodged in the database, causing the customer  huge losses for this unethical consumer behavior.

As is the case with parking management, Our ALPR also worked wonders for the customer and the visitors. It reduced payment of parking fee-related troubles for the cars entering the parking lot with real-time information about their arrival and departure. The whole system also contributed to the reduction of fraud in the parking lot and boosted the overall security of the area.

By leveraging the AI-based IP-cameras and the primary data system in combination with the ANPR technology, the customer achieved good cost-savings, reduced chaos in traffic management in the parking lot, enhanced security of the property and lives of many in the premise. Customers are satisfied with the performance they are leveraging from our systems and now planning to employ the entire suite of technology for their widespread shopping malls across the town.

Synergylabs Products Used For The Project:

  • AI Fast Forward- Artificial Intelligence technology with video and image analytics capabilities
  • SynFaceRec- a facial recognition tool

SynNPR- Automatic Number Plate Recognition