Customer is an owner of a renowned hotel group in Maharashtra, India. Given a higher concern to comply with the standards to maintain robust energy consumption, it is mandatory for every industry to follow the guidelines to reduce energy wastes and be sympathetic to energy saving movements and promoting green environment. Upon realizing this necessity, they measure steps to implement policy that help them foster energy consumption maintenance using predictive maintenance capability.


Situated in the close proximity to the airport, it easily attracts the visitors, especially during the peak holiday season. With the number of guests increases during festive seasons, they struggle to make a proper use of the energy used for heating, ventilating and air conditioning as well as lighting systems. Reports suggest that hotels across the globe are susceptible to cause energy wastage, leading to yearly expenses of six per cent of the operating costs on utility bills.

Customer faced similar issues with their energy and lighting systems. Modern approaches like that of installing energy efficient lights and other standards of building hotels were not apt to help them reduce their utility bills. Despite using information cards at the bathroom doors, it gave no solutions, and led to increased maintenance costs.

They approached us for predictive maintenance to be installed at their site and improve energy efficiency activities.


As a step toward making Hospitality energy efficient and cost effective, AI powered predictive maintenance and energy management platform technology were leveraged.

SynergyLabs consultants orchestrated AI powered energy consumption maintenance software to enable predictive maintenance. This technical support helps hotel management staff to keep track of the functionalities of the energy systems. It offers better observation of the normal operations and sends notifications to the system if malfunction happens as part of predictive approach. This alert notification helps technicians take appropriate steps in fixing the problem.

The system notifies the guests as well. As they can notice the glitch, they can alert the staff. This system proves to be a better tool to schedule maintenance and improve operation before they happen to impact your service.

Built with sensor data, predictive energy management solution can bolster the lifespan of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

With energy management software embedded with AI, the system sends real-time information on consumption of energy components at different locations throughout the hotel. It is effective in reducing waste when not in use and use them at an optimal level. With energy profiles in place, hospitality owners can control unwanted usage of energy and meet their energy efficiency goals.


SynergyLabs AI powered energy management software and predictive maintenance tools helped our customer save energy bills without compromising customer service.  They achieved their goal for energy efficient environment and reduced carbon footprint. 

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