Customer manufactures containers in Wisconsin. It is a huge all day work that requires precision and caliber to run the operation smoothly without finding any barriers. They also know different traits of improving customer experience. Being in the operation more than 28 years, the surface of doing business has changed and so has the norms to comply with customer demands. As they want to work on innovations and bring in more technology driven ideas to their business model, they focus to strive without compromising customer service.


It is a large operation that involves the maintenance of a huge database running across their different facilities. Tracking databases is key to monitoring product status and parts. Due to the lack of visibility across different plants, it was tough for customer to monitor product parts as well as their costs. With no systems being integrated with their ERPs, they had no transparency in visibility.

It carries out maintenance process by tracking ERP functionalities set at different locations. However, no visibility was there between any locations while taking control over the maintenance activity was a big hurdle for them.

They faced problems while maintaining a part set up for different locations that also required an individual part set up once at each location. For maintenance system not being integrated with the ERP system, locations could receive the same part set up times multiple times. In addition to this, customer had no track on its maintenance expenses.  Similarly, the invoice processing was so cumbersome resulting in delays in product shipment.

Despite using personal digital assistant at their facilities, they failed to track parts activity. As a result, it was left with no idea about inventory in place. Customer realized this anomaly must change and they turned to us to implement AI based Enterprise Asset Management System at all of their locations.


SynergyLabs AI powered EAM was in place in the facilities at different locations.         It works on structured data and unstructured data to harness real information from the sources and bring forth an actionable action for parts maintenance at the site.

After the deployment of the AI and IoT powered EAM, functions of every facility was improved. At the same time, the system is compliant with mobile devices to transfer information about the inventory to its staff so quick action can be taken. This feature also enables their staff to quick scan a product tag and finds related information during dispatch. Customer has more flexibility in creating a common part list, providing insights into product discounts, distribute parts between facility and streamline invoice processing.


The deployment of AI and IoT based EAM system at the plant offer them a great level of benefits. First of all, it has reduced the chaos associated with determining parts availability in the facility and they do not rework on the inventory management. Overall result of the deployment of AI based EAM system was satisfactory. It helped them reduce duplication of the parts, reduce obsolete parts and share particular part between facilities.

It was observed customer achieved better efficiency with 25% reduction in inventory control.

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