An unsophisticated ERP system limits growth and impacts customer relationships.  

A snapshot of advantages  

  • Cost-savings in inventory maintenance
  • Easy on-site management of manufacturing traceability dashboard 
  • Improved client and customer communication
  • Reduction of excessive manual data entry 


Since its inception in 1958, this Indian Bike Company is known for high quality of biking parts and accessories. With their footprint expanding into European territory and many of the manufacturing plants producing different product ranges, their existing manufacturing track and trace system outgrew its expandability which limited the accuracy in managing supply chain order and inventory control.To overcome their existing ERP challenges, they sought help from SynergyLabs with an automated manufacturing traceability.  

The Challenges 

Building excellence into a wide variety of cycling accessories and equipment helps the company keep their customers loyal to them. Specializing in suspension forks, handles and stems, mtb bikes, bicycle racks and other materials to export to European bicycle market, they expand their manufacturing plants and also product ranges. Besides these usual cycling gears and equipment, their product ranges also offer strong customer satisfaction through its high quality alloy wheels, laminated tires, and SKD bikes. Their growth relies upon good customer relationships. 

“Lately we realized that inaccurate and slow manufacturing trace and track resulted in delayed processing of products out of the supply chain, thus impacting customer relationships and profitability”, said the business developer at the company. 

But in order to increase operational efficiency across all of its manufacturing sites,  and pull in more customers under its belt, they felt the customer outreach is restricted with absence of visibility into the existing enterprise resource planning system. 

The high volume manufacturing process needed unlimited scheduling, timely material planning, and also great performance to streamline processes. 

With the existing track and trace manufacturing dashboard system, the company had limited capabilities to schedule inventory processes. The software didn’t provide reliable solutions while it also degraded performance of inventory processing, and lacked functionality to improve customer relationships, maintain cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness. The bikini parts and accessories manufacturing company decided to replace their existing ERP system with a custom track and trace system to ensure heightened performance and growth. When they searched for a solution, they were determined to leverage all the capabilities that would encourage enhanced manufacturing performance and customer relationships.

The decision to collaborate with SynergyLabs worked for them as they wanted everything they needed to overcome challenges with the ERP system in their plants. 

The Solutions 

The sales team of the company had close association with the manufacturing plant, sales, and marketing. The team was the first one to determine what they needed to implement an improved track and trace system or real-time manufacturing traceability system across their operations.

After they interviewed a couple of software companies into ERP software development, they zeroed in on SynergyLabs track and trace system, which gave them cost-effectiveness and functionalities. 

Our quick adaptability to bringing them the right solutions and requirements for their specific products had us onboard with them to find a quick resolution to their problems.

“No one could understand our needs as SynergyLabs software development had assessed our problems. They delivered us solutions that helped us overcome our challenges”, said the sales development team at the company. 

Automating the manufacturing traceability system 

With eye to details for production process and in depth industry experience, the developers at SynergyLabs could bring them efficiency with resource planning for the production for their different plants. 

The biking parts manufacturing company had some level of specific requirement for automation. They needed a solution that could solve menial and tedious work and eliminate chances for errors and inefficiency in lot management through object identification.  

Our automation team helped them achieve this solution and built an application into the traceability solutions with automation capabilities. The application helped them maintain flow of objects across all of their plants. With internal and chain traceability applications implemented for all manufacturing productions, we enabled them to keep track of raw materials arriving in the plants or productions out for shipments. This gave our client great control over production traceability. With a single click of a button, the client achieved automation for processes with greater level of efficiency. 

Cost-effectiveness through inventory management 

Managing inventory gives all possibilities to offer customization to the clients. The client wanted a flexible management of inventory which could not involve much labor and save them labor costs per year. 

Our newly built manufacturing traceability model provides a database to upload all product variants and allows combinations for clients as their needs arise. Since the major part of the data implementation happens automatically, it helps with inventory maintenance and reduced labor. 

Also, the track and trace system also could scale as an extended part of the warehouse management system to simplify the processes of inventory audit. 

The client today is free of technical debt and satisfied with our track and trace system which is built to scale with the growing client base. In essence, the manufacturing traceability system is a solid foundation to build long-term customer relationships and strive for growth in the future. 

Technology used 

Ext JS, HTML, Java, Springboot, MySQL, Postgres, Socket programming with netty and Tensor Flow, python.