Customer manufactures paper and timber products and offers his service to a large sprawling customer base across Sweden. Being in the product manufacturing for the last 15 years, customer has earned good reputation with its unmatched service delivery and is now planning to expand its service territory.  With this step, it eyes to become a well known face in the paper and timber product manufacturing, while earning a good fortune through this business.


With operations spreading over multiple parts of the country, customer is facing a tough competition while fulfilling the high demand of the clients. Failing to reach the destination of the customers on time, it impacted their credibility and raised questions about their performance capability.

It is a common scene in the warehouse distribution for cargo trucks to be parked one after another. They are waiting for their turn to be stored and leave the center for destination. However, the growing number of orders and least number of vehicles available for cargo dispatch is a reason that creates chaos among the staff engaged in cargo handling operations.

The foremost hindrance customer faced in his warehouse facility was parking woes of the cargo trucks at the location. It had been an outrageous issue that was becoming tougher to manage for the warehouse management staff and preventing the proactive workflow at the site.

Unable to get adapted to this grave situation, a number of activity woes and mismanagement in operation have been observed. Vehicles were deemed not to be recognized by the staff due to parking mismanagement, leading to the repetitive tasks of loading and unloading of the goods. Vehicles were more likely to be arranged in order again and again, impacting a good number of resourceful times being wasted. Poor recognition of the proper vehicle had been the sole reason for the operation hindrance. Customer had to experience a number of woes. The parking mismanagement contributed to increased labor hours after a particular activity, increased labor cost and increased time spent after product delivery. Overall, it experienced logistics productivity being reduced.


Automated vehicle park management. This is a solution customer has been seeking to implement this at his warehouse.

SynergyLabs has been pioneering innovative solutions for businesses with the latest AI applications and technology to transform business and help them move forwards.  

We devised to implement parking solutions for the customer so as to help them leverage technology to its fullest capability and overcome their business challenges soon.

After we determined what best suited the warehouse site of the customer, we designed our platform based on the complexities of the site and offered a comprehensive AI application suites of vehicle parking monitoring tools and services.

SynLabs’ Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or license plate recognition is a simple technology that enables the smart management and platform system to recognize vehicle registration number at ease. Today, it is widely used application for vehicle parking management. Not only is it well compatible for this purpose, it easily adapts to various conditions such as traffic management and payment solutions for toll-agencies.

Hence, customer was more than intended to leverage this application to automate the and have access control of these vehicles to the warehouse location.

How we worked on it?

  •  license plate data of the numbers of vehicle operated in the warehouse facility added to the database platform
  •  all cameras of the warehouse integrated with AI applications
  • every record such as time and date of recognition, license plate and how the camera would track the video footage of the passing vehicle in and out of the facility integrated with the camera
  • data uploaded to the database platform in XLS or CSV formats

As soon as the number plate recognition was integrated with the camera or video management system of the warehouse, it was able to deliver real-time intelligence and insights into vehicle’s current stay to complete situational awareness at the right time. Highly compatible with different devices such as smartphones, desktop and laptop, warehouse management including the ground staff had the flexibility to harness real-time data about the ongoing activities of the vehicles of the site and managed them appropriately.

At the same time, the application was programmed with different parameters such as permit only, staff only and set parking time for the vehicle. This was done keeping in mind the security factors of the warehouse. So, the application was successful to track the entry and exit of the vehicles belonging to the business only. In case, it could suspect intrusion of other vehicles, it would send alert notifications to the system and help staff take necessary actions.


Result was unprecedented for the customer. With the implementation of AI application to the video management system of their placed cameras across the facility including the entry and exit point, it rightly scanned and process data captured from the number plates of the vehicles. Processed data would instantly provide data about the vehicles entering the property. Simultaneously, it would confirm how many vehicles are currently present at the site.

This information about vehicles would deliver real-time information about the space available so as to fit the other vehicles in the space. Using vehicle detection sensors, it was possible for the customer to increase vehicle occupancy information across all database platforms. By leveraging this capability, customer was satisfied with catering to the available space to be used by the required vehicle at the facility.

Overall, our AI powered cameras and VMS has been successful to be fully compatible with the number plate recognition tool and would facilitate automated vehicle parking management in the warehouse in an intelligent way. In a very impressive manner, our application helped them reduce average time spent by a single vehicle during cargo storage, increase space availability at the facility and increase efficiency in releasing more vehicles for delivery at the destination points. Contended on the successful accomplishment of the overall activity by us, customer is intended to leverage this application to manage their facility parking across all his facilities.

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