Customer deals in women’s garment in India. It has a wide customer base right across the local market. But, they are now planning to move forward with operations in multiple locations.  Hence, they want a robust plan to improve their marketing efforts with a focus on the customer communication.


Customer has been using traditional marketing efforts for their retail business, which lacked elements to connect with a large number of customers on a national level. Since they are planning to move beyond the local territory, they wanted to leverage a more personalized customer communication methods and marketing channels. Customer wanted to fully utilize the marketing campaigns on budget and along with it; they also wanted to embrace automation with their multi-channel campaigns.


SynergyLabs used segment modeling technology to decipher customer behavior or personas. This was built in compliance with customer distinct behavior and qualities.  As the model was built, it targeted the customer traits to be used for marketing efforts such as different offers and incentive programs. Upon implementation of the segment modeling integrated with Machine Learning, the system was able to track more than 30 different customer criteria. As we went beyond traditional email marketing, we also used different marketing sources such as push notifications and social media monitoring. We basically also run tests to monitor conversion rates and returns on ROI.

It is not easy to work on customer segmentation. But, using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, companies can take data-driven decisions regarding their marketing efforts. With it, they are able to build a robust marketing effort that can attract customers with better communication and product offers. As is with pattern recognition, machine learning capability leads in this segment and proves to be high competent computational algorithms to find patterns in steaming metrics. Machine learning can also harness pattern from stock market data as well as CRM data.

Based on that, improved personalization in marketing efforts can help businesses target their audience and establish a good customer base using ML and AI. As a large volume of data has become mainstream in the ever-evolving digital landscape, companies can offer more personalization of product offerings.


With our AI and ML integrated product segmentation tool and marketing campaign, we helped our customers achieve more than 10% of increase in their new venture. Besides, it also generated an additional 15% increase in product order.  With automated marketing campaigns, retail businesses can maximize their investments and earn a good profit.

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