Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifier(ATCC)

ATCC is a high-speed traffic data collection system. It detects, counts and classifies all traffic passing where it is installed without interruption to traffic flows. With improved data collection equipment, continuous data can also be used as input for traffic management systems and other operational purposes.
It helps the authority to make decisions and hence lots of highway accidents can be avoided. With the advancement of new technologies, traffic data can be collected for the development of existing and new infrastructure.

  • For vehicle count, identification, classification, traffic volume, & average traffic speed
  • Free flow lane information
  • For traffic planning, congestion, avoidance, toll leaking
  • Helps in proactive for counting, 95% for classification over 6 classes
  • Robust to day/night rain and diverse weather conditions
  • Delivered advanced analytics data and a new level of operational insight
  • Can be used for both temporary and permanent installation purpose

Application Area

  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Traffic Survey
  • Parking System
  • Toll Enforcement/ Free Flow Tolling
  • Infrastructure Planning