Vehicle Actuated Speed Display-Reader (VASD-Reader)

SYNERGYLABS VASD Reader system captures images of vehicles that exceed the speed of your choice. Speeds are detected via radar unit. Violators are photographed and data transmitted to the local network via GSM or LAN network, which you can access from the control room and Images can be used to warn drivers or enforce speed limits.
SYNERGYLABS VASD Reader, A RADAR – Camera based technology ensuring continuous traffic safety by detecting vehicle speed with higher consistency and accuracy to helping authorities to manage traffic effectively.
VASD Reader functioning as a violation warning for all those vehicles which cross the maximum allowed speed on that route. It includes high quality image capturing camera, speed display sign board, and built for seamless scaling for enterprise and public services.

Faster response time
Complete Leave management
Technology fully operational in all weather conditions
Superior Construction and durability for long lasting performance
Supports multiple lines with all types of line combinations
Violators are photographed
Complete Leave management
Configurable speed limit as per the requirement
Speed Display
24*7 intelligent monitoring of the road
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Hi, Now lets the applications of VASD Reader. They can be used for

  • Traffic Enforcement- Crop off the traffic to improve
    the traffic flow
  • Highway Junction Monitoring
  • Smart Cities

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