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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: The Role of AI in Robots

What is robotics? Robotics is the branch of engineering and computer sciences where machines are built to perform programmed tasks without further human intervention. Are robotics and artificial intelligence the same thing? Though sometimes (incorrectly) used interchangeably, robotics and artificial

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Reshape IT Asset

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Reshape IT Asset Management

The new year is a perfect time to think about how you want to shape your company in the coming years. Artificial Intelligence (AI), combined with company culture, could be the thing that propels your IT portfolio forward and helps

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Bank CEOs now think they are Running Technology Companies

There always has been a conspiracy that bankers secretly run the world, probably because money is an integral part of our lives and lies at the heart of our civilization, and everyone wants more of it. Consequently, most of our

Case Study : How a renowned Hospitality Unit in India put an end to wastage of energy consumption using AI

Energy conservation is a major concern for the environment safety and survival of living organisms. With AI, hospitality management can control energy wastage to some length.

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Automation in Warehouse management

Business today orchestrates their infrastructure upon data analytics and Machine Learning capabilities to tap into real potential. To sustain in the highly competitive market ecosystem, companies must evaluate areas of improvement and increase productivity. The same applies to the core


Use cases of AI in Supply Chain

The supply chain is a diverse and complex domain and manufacturing industries must align with its workflow to remain competitive. High calibrated competencies are required to sync and manage multiple activities during warehouse management, inventory management and product delivery. Even

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