Top 10 Uses of AI for your Smart Homes

Top 10 Uses of AI for your Smart Homes

There are many ways that AI can improve your life, but these are the top 10 ways it’s making a difference in the homes of everyday people. You might think that artificial intelligence is only something the tech giants are

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5 Ways to Invest in Creative Potential: The Mindset for Leading a Creative Business

Introduction Are you a creative business owner? Do you feel like your creativity is being stifled by the demands of running a business? Here are 5 ways to invest in your creative potential and The mindset for leading a creative

Artificial Intelligence: Your Keys To The Wonderful World

Artificial Intelligence: Your Keys To The Wonderful World

The world is changing. And with change, comes the need to adapt and evolve. In today’s fast-moving, globalized economy, it’s important that entrepreneurs and managers alike can keep pace with technology trends. The advent of Artificial Intelligence has proved to

Asset management with AI

How The Asset Management Industry Can Benefit From AI

There are many ways that the asset management industry can benefit from AI, from increasing the efficiency, and accuracy of portfolio-building to improving customer service. In this article, we’ll look at how AI can help traders make more accurate decisions

Software Consulting

The 10 Most Important Tips For Choosing A Software Partner

A software partner is a company that provides software development and maintenance services. A software partner can help you with developing new software, maintaining existing software, or both. When choosing a software partner, it is important to consider their experience

AI-Powered Data Quality: How Technology Can Ensure Reliability In Retail

Retail is a very advanced industry where decisions are often made just seconds before they are executed. Retailers have to cope with many different requirements – from corporate clients looking for a secure and accurate data flow of their products,

Case Study: Enhancing transit of information in procurement services with Artificial Intelligence

Customer runs beverages manufacturing operations in Northern part of Norway. The business has experienced a good growth over the last five years and it has been since going strong and running a successful business at the local level. With more

Case Study : AI and Machine Learning reduces cargo cancellation for improved customer service

Customer possesses a large logistics facility spanning over a large area in the Southern Ontario. Beginning with a small facility in that location, it has expanded its logistics chain to a multi billionaire operation with a large number of staff

Case Study : Warehouse Vehicle Parking Management With Number Plate Recognition

Customer manufactures paper and timber products and offers his service to a large sprawling customer base across Sweden. Being in the product manufacturing for the last 15 years, customer has earned good reputation with its unmatched service delivery and is

Case Study:Improving Shopping Experiences for In-stores customers with AI and ML

Customer operating consumer goods retail chain across the city of Munich, has a whopping number of yearly customer footprints all across its stores. They have been into selling of consumers goods for over five years now. Over the years, the

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